This is the second of four Kindergarten phonics and reading courses. The course applies and strengthens Q1 concepts plus teaches additional letters and sounds.

This is an 8 Week Course. Lesson and week numbers continue from Quarter 1. This is Lessons 41 to 80, Weeks 9 to 16.

40 Lessons with over 110 activities including quizzes, instruction, and online books + the availability of pdf paper activities.

The course also includes the option of teacher-led instruction and additional paper activities through PDF resources. PDF resources for weeks 11 to 16 unlock after the completion of Lessons 41 to 50 activities. 

Quarter 2 New Concepts:

  • CVC words using short o, u and e
  • words with the consonants b, g, l, v,
  • some color and number words
  • basic sight words

40 Lessons

This is a 4-month enrollment (125 days) for a single student. The course covers 8 weeks of materials and can generally be completed in two months. If students finish before the end of 125 days, students can revisit favorite activities and stories after the course has been completed and work has begun in the next course.